By combining two components:
the Green Marine Power and the Active Complex Gel, we deliver a mineral solution that will plump up the skin, treat dark pigmentation spots, and restoring skin after even deep cystic acne.

Green Marine Powder is made of five marine ingredients including:

  • Crystalline Sponges

  • Seaweed

  • Minerals

  • Plankton

  • Purifying Clays

What Is The Active Complex Gel?
The Active Complex Gel contains minerals that are derives from the life giving ocean water, and the distilled water itself. When you mix Green Marine Powder with Active Complex Gel, it works like a natural needle to provide a plumping solution directly into the skin therefore enabling the body to push out foreign substances. It’s a true pure way to detoxify and regenerating skin. Skin that as it ages can look less than firm, and dull will be brought back to radiant life with a vigorous health that you can’t get from skin care bottles alone.

Take Years Off Your Skin
Your skin after just one Green Peel treatment will be on its way to a more youthful appearance. This all natural peel is so much more gentle than any old school chemical peels. Who wants to have the risk of all those bad chemical being introduced into the skin? No one. That’s where the beauty and pureness of the Green Peel steps in to fill an all natural place in the skincare market for those that are concerned about what goes on and into their bodies. Once the active herbs are massaged into your skin the regeneration process continues even after you leave the office. You’ll notice fresher, healthier skin as the days go on. People will wonder where you’ve been on vacation since the results are that noticeable.

How Does The Treatment Go?
There is absolutely no discomfort of any measure during the session. All you have to do is lay back, and enjoy the manipulation of your skin through the application technique, and skin massage. It starts with a deep cleanse, then the application of the product, and it’s followed up by the post peel treatment. This will also bring a rosy glow to the skin that is benefited by the boost in circulation. Anyone can enjoy this safe, effective treatment for brighter skin. Have the healthy clear skin of your dreams with just a few sessions. Skin resurfacing has never been so at the top of its game with the Green Peel. It’s truly a revolutionary way to transform the look, and feel of aging skin.

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