Microneedling (also known as collagen induction therapy) involves using fine needles to create hundreds of tiny, invisible puncture wounds in the top layer of skin. This minimally invasive treatment is virtually painless and incredibly effective. The micro-injuries you create stimulates the body's natural wound healing processes, resulting in cell turnover and increased collagen and elastin production, therefore reversing as well as preventing signs of aging. The primary appeal of microneedling is its ability to stimulate growth of collagen and elastin, which is the key to new, youthful-looking skin.

This procedure is the most powerful way to stop aging in its tracks and prevent new fine lines and wrinkles from forming. With its ability to trigger the generation of new skin cells, just a few sessions of microneedling will noticeably reduce fine lines, crow's feet, and deep wrinkles on the forehead. Microneedling with dermapen has the ability to utilize the body's own natural healing mechanisms, so the results are very natural and because there's minimal downtime with it, we often recommend it as a maintenance for people who are trying to stave off the signs of aging.



Benefits of micro needling

  • It is safe for all skin types and skin tones
  • It has a very low recovery time
  • It is a chemical-free process
  • It increases the absorption capacity of the skin
  • It can be used on any body part
  • It solves all facial problems within 3 to 6 months
  • It does not have any side effects
  • It harnesses the natural healing ability of the body



Is Microneedling EFFECTIVE?

If somebody suggests that allowing your face to get pricked with multiple needles can help in skin rejuvenation, you are not likely to follow up on that suggestion because the mere thought of needles getting poked into your face can be very intimidating. However, microneedling can prove to be the best gift that you can give to your skin.

Microneedling has become such a sought after skin treatment because it solves the following problems:

  • It reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Microneedling stimulates the skin to generate collagen and elastin by making small punctures in the skin. The body is tricked into repairing the injuries and in the process, a new layer of skin replaces the old one, peeling away the marks and spots as well as wrinkled skin. There are no chemicals involved. It a mechanical procedure which can reverse the process of skin aging to quite an extent. It prevents new lines and wrinkles from forming. To treat wrinkles, the 1.5mm needles should be used for effective results.

  • It removes visible acne or pox scars

According to a survey conducted on the effects of microneedling, all the people who tried microneedling saw a significant improvement in the appearance of their facial scars after a few sessions. If you go for home treatment of your scars, you can choose the 1.5mm needles for the dermaroller. Practitioners use upto 3mm long needles to treat deep scars which are present underneath the surface of the skin. The pain experienced and the recovery time are minimal which is why people prefer this method.

  • Anti-aging features

As you age, your skin starts producing lesser amount of collagen which gives the skin a dull and wrinkled appearance. Microneedling is effective in correcting damaged skin. The skin is stimulated to produce new skin cells which replace the old ones. As the old layer of skin peels off, fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet get noticeably reduced.

The small punctures vertically induce by the microneedling pen can force the skin to become firm and healthy by producing elastin and collagen. This process of healing is natural which is why the results also last longer. The absorption capacity of the skin improves to help moisturizers or serums work better. You can get tight and glowing skin without going through painful and risky surgical procedures.

Microneedling is effective in shrinking pores, reversing pigmentation or sun damage and improving the skin tone too. It can be done on all parts of the body.



Microneedling dark spots (hyperpigmentation)

Hyperpigmentation can be caused by hormonal changes, exposure to the sun, aging or medication. Dark spots stand out and make a person feel self-conscious all the time. There are ways in which these dark spots can be made to fade with time and even disappear completely. Micro needling is the most effective of all the procedures used to treat pigmentation. How can microneedling help in treating dark spots?

Hyperpigmentation occurs due to uneven production of melanin throughout the layer of skin. Wherever melanin is produced in excess, dark spots appear. This irregularity in the generation of melanin can be caused by acne, cuts, sunburn, etc. These dark spots are very stubborn and become more pronounced with time instead of fading away naturally. The reason behind this is that the skin stops producing new cells as a person ages. The old cells accumulate over time and give the skin a very dull appearance.

This is where micro needling comes in to give your skin the perfect boost to restart its growth process. Micro needling involves the use of a pen which contains several tiny needles which are aligned equidistantly. The pen is used to inject these needles at different spots to create micro channels. This is called the collagen induction therapy because the small injuries made to the skin cause surface bleeding which compels the body to start its healing process. The old layer of skin starts becoming dry and in a week or so peels off. Over a period of 10 to 14 days, new collagen is formed to cover up the injuries. This new layer of skin is free from any kind of spots or marks.

Dark spots of both the epidermis and the dermis layers of the skin can be reduced with the help of micro needling. The micro needling procedure requires 4 to 6 sessions with a gap of 4 to 8 weeks between each session. The skin starts responding after the first session itself and at the end of the whole procedure, you get rejuvenated, firm and spot-free skin. Microneedling for dark spots is the best treatment method because it is chemical-free and induces the body to naturally heal itself. There are no side effects and the results last for a long time. It is effective for all skin types and offers a no fail dark spot treatment.


Dermapen Wrinkles

Dermapen wrinkles micro needling excels when used as a treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. Best results are seen over a period of 4-6 treatments, which we call a “Dermapen Series.” Dermapen treatments have be shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and lips.







Once you have had the procedure done, do the following

DO NOT EXPOSE YOURSELF TO THE SUN: after you have undergone your micro needling procedure, avoid the sun as much as you can because the skin channels are open. This does not mean that you should apply sunscreen. After a treatment, the skin channels are usually very open and therefore if there any toxins in the sunscreen, it will be harmful to you.

DO NOT USE ANY ‘ACTIVE’ SKIN PRODUCTS: after the procedure avoids any skin care product that has active ingredients like Alpha Hydroxyl Acids, Retinol or any other product. The skin is still sensitive and these products will not help the situation

USE COLLAGEN STIMULATING PEPTIDES: basically, micro needling serves to stimulate the production of collagen. After the skin has recovered from the procedure, use this product to further help with the stimulation of collagen production

AVOID THE USE OF MAKEUP AFTER TREATMENT: It is important that you give your skin room to breathe and especially for around 24 hours after the procedure and especially when using a brush. Remember, the brush bristles can penetrate the pores and especially if they are very thin. Remember, the skin channels are still open. Also when the brush is dirty, it can contaminate the skin and consequently lead to infections. All this is avoidable. Before you go back to makeup, give your skin the time it needs to recover.

USE A MICRO NEEDLING COOLING MASK: After you have undergone micro needling, you may experience some skin inflammation. A cooling mask will generally, reduce the inflammation of the skin, therefore, giving you more comfort.

USE ANTIOXIDANT SERUM: The antioxidant serum usually has properties that help the skin in healing. They will also help in soothing the skin and consequently reduce the irritation. These products are highly recommended.

AVOID ANY VIGOROUS ACTIVITY: When you engage in any activity that is vigorous and you should avoid the gym. If you do not, you will start to sweat and this may cause adverse effects and especially because as you sweat, the sweat on the skin will be contaminated by bacteria which will, in turn, find its way to skin punctures and lead to a reaction.

HYDRATE YOUR SKIN ONCE IN A WHILE: this is most preferably with water or other products that do not irritate or contain toxins. After the procedure the skin will feel tighter and very dry, hydrating it will feel great.








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